Virtual stores

Several companies need to exhibit and sell the products in Internet but contracting the professional could be difficult due to the high cost or lack of interest to contract stores plan using laborious builders.

We deliver the store operational with your logo and PagSeguro payment method and shipping freight calculation and 20 products recorded freely.

Choose the most suitable plan for your needs:

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  • Your store is available for Brazil and Worldwide enabling the increase on Sales;
  • PagSeguro method, safe payment form with no bureaucracy, Adhesion is available of both individuals (independent) and Legal Entities;
  • Store with automatic shipping freight calculation integrated to Post Office;
  • Support by telephone and chat;
  • Mercurio Tecnologia records 20 products for the fast beginning of your business.


  • Purchase Card;
  • Automatic shipping freight calculation integrated to Post Office system;
  • PagSeguro Payment System accepting most credit cards, bank slip, etc.;
  • Manage the products characteristics: color, size, type, etc.;
  • Purchase cart;
  • Customer area;
  • Store administrative area for products record;
  • Reports.

How do I use the good economic moment of our country?  E-commerce growths more and more. You dealer should boost sales using this way.  See the articles commenting the e-commerce development.

Brazil is the 3rd country on purchases by internet – Jornal da Globo

E-commerce invoices R$ 675 million on Father’s Day says  e-bit

E-commerce growth  24% in semester – O Globo

loja-virtualYour products and services should be available using such mechanism at internet to reach millions users.  Mercurio Tecnologia offers the solutions to you, small, medium and large-size businessman and independent representatives.  Systems are built with products records with or without on-line payment.

Online payment integration enables the immediate purchase by user including the most used credit cards in the market and bank slip as payment condition.  If you are an independent representative has no company and CNPJ to create the legal entity account and integrate the payment conditions, do no worry, Mercurio integrates the virtual stores with online payment systems that do not require the CNPJ such as PagSeguro and PayPal, thus you independent dealer should make available several payment conditions.

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